Suggestions for removing the covid vaccine from the body (not medical advice)

mRNA with CRSPR alters DNA – both strands (seldom mentioned) – uses palindromic sequences (GGTT …. TTGG) to target injection. precise inter-cellular mod’s but no specificity of where its expressed in body. GO allows some targeting but they’re not using that yet. the spike knocks out the helper cells, 5% decline weekly. 44 weeks to %100 immune system collapse. blended threat, use all available vectors – unrestricted warfare – the chinese brag about it. shun at will … YOU SHALL SURVIVE – NAC, asprin, C, D, Zinc, Quercetin and lots of water to flush – NAC corrects mis-folded protein – the prion – at the ribosome (protein assembly organelle inside cell) it also shreds GO through reducing the Oxygen and releasing graphene which is easily explelled. asprin lubrication keeps the blood platelets from coagulating due to sticky spikes. Quercetin is the gun, zinc is the bullet for a ton of pathogens along with C and D. if you got shot, keep up the protocol for 18 months. that’s 6 times the flushing rate. all your cells will regenerate even nerve cells which take longer. the spike will mess up the cell so that it eventually lyses (dissolves itself). the protocol cuts up the spike outside the cell, in the general body water, interstitial fluid, keeps spike from entering new cells and degrades the PEG that’s required to shield the mRNA from the immune system – the PEG is gone in a couple of weeks. And then, never take another vax, ever … that’s the Operating System for installing viruses … just like Windows – disable updates.